Darel is the main protagonist of Kulipari.

Unlike his younger siblings, who are Kulipari, Darel is an ordinary wood frog.

Appearance Edit

He is primarily brown, with a tan underbelly, and brown stripes on his arms and legs.

He wears a black belt, with arm and leg bands of the same color. On his belt he has a black and purple Kulipari dagger from his dad Apari.

Personality Edit

Darel is the son of a great Kulipari warrior, and he takes great pride in that. He aspires to be like his father, despite the way life turned out. When few believed in him, he did what he could to fight the odds, and won. He brought many together.

However, Darel doubts himself as a leader, and feels guilt for all those killed on his watch. However, he is loyal to a fault, and will do what he can to save his people, always.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Talented Fighter
  • Talented Strategist
  • Capable Knife handler

Gallery Edit

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