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Tharta is a blue frog who is the son of Apari and Acala. One of Darrel's younger siblings. He inherited his fathers Kulipari powers as did his fellow triplets, Thuma and Tipi.


Tharta is a blue frog with darker blue Kulipari markings. Originally he was small, the same height as his sisters. That later changed after an undisclosed period of time, making Tharta a large, buff Kulipari.

He wears a bejeweled metal choker around his neck, a light blue sash on his arm, an orange brown sash and a chain wrapped around his waist, and wrappings around his legs.

When Tharta taps his poison, his eyes turn black, his darker markings glow white, and he becomes visibly larger.


Tharta is a kind, protective young frog, very eager to prove himself in the world. He is the most one of the more light-hearted frogs, making jokes about being moody. He is one of the most Steadfast Kulipari, and loyal to his friends.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tharta is a Kulipari frog, and able to tap the poison within him. He is stronger and more durable than an average frog, along with his other abilities.

  • Size Manipulation: Tharta has the ability to grow to twice his normal size.
    • Super Strength: Due to his change in size, Tharta gains greater physical strength, enabling him to commit incredible feats.