Thuma is the daughter of Apari and Acala . One of Darrel's younger siblings. She inherited her fathers Kulipari powers as did her fellow triplets Tharta and Tipi.

Appearance Edit

Thuma is a red frog, with darker red Kulipari spots, and a pink underbelly. Thuma was initially introduced as small but has grow, over an undisclosed period, to the point where she is slightly shorter than her older brother Darrel.

Older, Thuma wears a brownish-green shirt and skirt, and brown arm and leg bands, and a blue ascot around her neck.

Personality Edit

Thuma is the frog who isn't afraid to say ridiculous things, the joker of her between the gentle giant Tharta and the excitable Tipi. She, however, does all she can to cheer people up, when they are sad or scared. She often does what she can to cheer up Stinger.

However, she also has a bad habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, like accusing Stinger of poisoning Jir.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Thuma is a Kulipari frog, and able to tap the poison within him. She is stronger and more durable than an average frog, along with her other abilities.

  • Rock Form: Thuma can turn her flesh into a rock-like substance that is virtually indestructible, retaining her mobility.
    • Super Strength: In her rock form, Thuma's physical prowess is greatly increased.

Gallery Edit

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