Tipi ,a pink frog who is a daughter of Apari and Acala . One of Darrel's younger siblings. She inherited her fathers Kulipari powers as did her fellow triplets, Tharta and Thuma.

Appearance Edit

Tipi is a pink frog, with light pink skin, and darker pink Kulipari spots. Tipi is peculiar, even amongst the Kulipari- she has small pink spikes running down her back and neck in her normal form. Tipi used to be the same small size as her triplet siblings, but now is slightly shorter than Darel.

Tipi wears a grey shirt with unconnected black sleeves, a blue gem near her neck, a grey skirt with a black belt, and grey gloves and footwear. Most areas of her clothes have holes, so she can use her abilities more easily.

When using her poison, Tipi's eyes turn black, and she grows spikes on her arms, back, and head.

Personality Edit

Tipi used to be a shy child, who at one point, wished that she was no of Kulipari decent, as her powers made it hard to hide. However, after a time gap into her more teenage years, she has become much more into being a warrior.

Tipi is easily the most reckless and excitable of her siblings, charging into fights without thinking, and getting worked up over important information. However, she worries about her friends and loved ones, and takes her responsibilities quite seriously.

She also seems to have a certain affection for the Scorpion Kulipari, Stinger.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Tipi is a Kulipari frog, and able to tap the poison within her. She is stronger and more durable than an average frog, along with her other abilities.

  • Spike Extension: Tipi can push spikes out of her body, allowing her to slash at opponents.
    • Spike Protrusion: Tipi can fire her spikes at opponents as dangerous projectiles.

Gallery Edit

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